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About Us

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Our Founder and Lead Therapist

Ka‘iulani Martin Using a mind-body approach, Ka'iulani brings clients a sense of relaxation, well-being, and release through a variety of massage techniques. Being raised by two body-workers (her dad with indigenous knowledge and her mom formally trained) immersed Ka'iulani in the passion of wellness through body work. This has given her an intuitive, natural awareness and holistic method to her work.

About Our Design

Kāpala, or stamping, has been a Native Hawaiian art form since ancient times. Our logos, designed by Ka‘iulani, are a series of hand-crafted kāpala (stamps) of the lau (leaf) and hua (nut) of the Kumu Lā‘au Kukui (Kukui Tree). Although invasive species have reduced its numbers, this Native tree's bright green canopy is still easily recognized lining our rivers and canyons. The Kukui has a wide variety of uses, from lei making to medicine. The nut is eaten both as food and medicinally. Kukui Nut Oil is highly prized for massage and beauty applications, as well as oiling wooden kitchen implements. However, the Kukui is best known as the "candle nut." The rich nuts can be used to make lanterns and torches called kukui hele pō.

Symbolically, this plant chases away the darkness and brings us light, allowing us to see more deeply. This light signifies enlightenment, knowledge, ‘ike. This ‘ike comes from the source, our ancestors, and our teachers like a lei spanning the generations. By adorning ourselves and our space with this plant, we welcome and honor this ‘ike and those who have come before us. We accept our kuleana (responsibility and priviledge) to continue to haku lei (braid the lei), bringing foward our future generations.

What Our Customers Say

  • I had a session with Ka’iulani that was transformative and healing!
    She is highly experienced & educated in several modalities.
    I left feeling not only amazing & relaxed, but there was pain in my body I’d been dealing with for quite a long time was lifted through her IMT work.

    Kristi Seibold

  • Ka’iulani gives me more than just a massage. I practice Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and it it tough on my body. Now that im Over 30 years old, I have to be even more mindful of keeping my body limber and loose. She helps me not just by getting the deep knots out, but she also helps give me a regiment of exercises and stretches.

    Kia' Barretto

  • I’ve have had a lot of massage over the years. I can honestly say that Ka’iulani’s massage was one of the best I have ever had! She addressed the issue that I was having with my hip but also was able to identify other areas in my body that needed addressing. Thank you so much! I would recommend her to anyone.

    Janelle Owens

  • Absolutely the best ❤️
    I’m so grateful to have found her. Ka’iulani is magic. She heals more than sore muscles.


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Deep Tissue Massage

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We offer the finest hawaiian lomi lomi massage

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